A how to.

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Im back, but just barely. I’ve been contemplating for some time what to blog about. It’s hard to do, this whole blog thing. Okay, so I guess its not “hard” per se just intimidating. I’m not sure how Bekah Buttons does it, but she does, and well! I decided that I would be patient with myself this year. Not rush into any serious blog commitments and just roll with it, if you will.

Wow. That came across a lot more serious than anticipated.

Here we go… A co-worker of mine, Meghan is her name, came to work beautifully adorned. I work @ Urban Outfitters and I see some pretty amazing outfits/accessories/hair-do’s, and Meghan happens to be one of those gals who always looks GREAT. She came in a few weeks ago and to my heart’s delight… Continue reading


A request.

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I have not blogged, obviously, in quite some time, but I do have a request for my readers!

As you know, I am an avid follower of some pretty awesome photography blogs. I have linked my way from page to page occasionally coming across some people who blow me away. Amy Wenzel happens to be one of them. I think I have mentioned her in previous posts, but her photography is phenomenal and ironically she happens to be married to a man who went to CU. My first memory of Dave Wenzel is ELLIV. For those of you who are not familiar with what that is, think cheesy non-provocative dance competition-like awards show. I was a freshman, visiting Cedarville University (where I eventually transferred and graduated from) and he was a guest host. What a couple. Gorgeous and God-fearing and both extremely successful at what they do. Needless to say, I follow both of them as much as possible and recently read about David’s shocking announcement that he has a brain tumor.

Another ridiculously-amazing photog is Jasmine Star. Jasmine posted a beautiful picture of the couple that I would love to share:

Please, if you get a chance today, tomorrow, or anytime in the near future visit David Wenzel’s blog. I don’t need to tell you how incredibly he seems to be living with this news. You will read and believe!

A hair DO!

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You know… as opposed to a hair DON’T! These gorgeous pieces are a major DO DO DO!

I frequent this blog quite frequently! These “chicks” know what they are talking about and this site is one of the best for inspiration boards. They always have unique color combo’s and original ideas!

I particularly love this post about these amazing headbands…


How cute is that!? Shopbando.com has a beautiful selection of headbands that range from pretty pricey to adorably affordable. Do me a favor and shop around on there! You KNOW I am dying to wear something like this on my wedding day…

we will see!

An indecisive decision.

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The following story is epic. It has laughter and tears, sorrow and triumph, and finally true love. It is the story of the glorious day I found my dress.

It started out gloriously. I had just met with my wedding photographer, the talented David McClain, and was excited for an afternoon of dress shopping with my mom and sister. We ended up at Cincinnati Bridal and Formal and got started. I was set up with a consultant, who would typically annoy the crap outa me, but this broad was great. She was silly, quirky, and not pushy at all! I tried on dress after dress, sticking mainly with the more fitted mermaid shaped gowns and wasn’t having a ton of luck. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I was looking fabulous, but nothing jumped out at me. Finally, I tried on a sample Pronovias gown and loved it. The shape was perfect and the fit was to die for, but I just wasn’t sure.

Oh, perhaps I should let you in on a little secret. I am indecisive. It takes me a ridiculous amount of time to order food from restaurants (ask Art)…. at that is just the tip of the iceberg. It makes me anxious thinking about the finality of a decision and what if its the wrong one!? Needless to say, I couldn’t decide on a dress, besides it was my first dress excursion and I wasn’t even sure I wanted to buy a dress from a bridal retailer. So we left… Continue reading

Check it.

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I’m off today, so obviously I’m checking blogs like a crazy woman. I know I have mentioned Justine before and her blog about being an Unbride, but I need you to check it out again! She has posted some pictures of her wedding…

She also offered a link to her photographers blog. Greg Gibson is freaking AAMAAZING! I mean come on. I absolutely love the coloring and vintage actions ran on these photos!

I’m super jealous of Greg’s sweet skills and even more jealous of Justine’s incredible wedding. Lisa Loeb was there and sang a Bright Eyes song. I mean COME ON! Check this wedding slide show! You will surely enjoy it.

Say cheese.

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No, this is not another post about how much I love cheese and how I will incorporate it any way possible into the wedding. This post is about wedding pictures! “SAY CHEEEEESE!”

I love photography! It recent years it has become a huge passion of mine and honestly I just have a blast taking pictures. While I am planning a fabulous affair on a budget, I am excited to spend a larger percentage on my photographer. I browse wedding blogs daily and wanted to give you a glimpse of my taste:

This first site is by far my favorite. Bobbi and Mike shot the wedding of my beautiful friend Andrea about a year and a half ago! First of all, what a fabulous photographer:

Secondly, Bobbi has to be one of the top ten most fun people on the planet. Bobbi and Mike truly have 4 of the best eyes in the business and then the personality to top it off!

I don’t know how I came about finding Amy Wenzel’s photography last January, but as fate would have it, I did. By browsing her site and profile I realized that Amy’s husband went to the same college as me. I had heard his name a few times and know we probably had a few mutual friends (considering its a small private school). I’ve been hooked ever since. Amy shoots senior portraits and lots and lots of babies. She is phenomenal. No, shes not a wedding photographer, but her quick pics from this post and her obvious skills prove she would make a fabulous one!!!

And now, for my photo guy! I wandered upon David’s site through The Knot and was impressed. I could tell David was super talented, but hadn’t shot millions of weddings yet. And again, through some much talented facebook, blog, and world wide interweb stalking… I found out that Dave and I attended the same school too! I mean come on! I have not met with David but we are meeting next week! I am super pumped to take a look at what he has to offer and chat with him about what I’m looking for. I hope to be unlike any bride he’s ever shot and I wanna help him get some crazy business since he just moved to Cinci!

I’ll let you know how the meeting goes and if I come across any new blogs! You can usually follow links on wedding blogs to some great things so click around my friends.

New roomies.

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I moved. My blogging has been quite sparse for the past couple of weeks because I have been a busy bee getting things prepared for my move. Trying to save some bucks and not finding it easy to nail down a short term lease in Philadelphia has left me in the arms of my near and dear friend Sarah Sparks-Tursack. Sarah and her husband have graciously allowed me to move in to their town-home until I tie the ole knot! I am so thankful for this opportunity because not only will it help me pinch pennies, but it will allow me to have fun planning this shin-dig!

One thing that I am very excited about is Continue reading